NUVO Simplese System without Keypads


Home audio made simple, that’s the promise of NuVo’s Simplese.

Offering four zones and four sources, Simplese delivers the audio experience you want, at a price that’s music to your ears.

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Wired Speakers and Keypads

-Direct wiring from the amplifier to the individual rooms and speakers allow a solid signal path for clean audio transfer without distortion or interruption.

4 Zones of Audio

-Music can be shared in four rooms, all playing the same song or different tunes at once.

Music Inputs

-Four different inputs (CD Player, Satellite, tuner, etc.) allows each person to customize and listen to whatever they want.

Digital Amplification

-High-performance amplifier operates coolly and saves energy.

High-Fidelity Audio

-Designed for the purest audio reproduction, without distortion, for a music experience that sounds like it's live.

Independent Zone Control

-You are the master of your domain. Every room in your system can play and be controlled indepently, so you listen to your favorite album on the deck, while the kids listen to the Radio in the den.

Simple Control Pads

-The easy to use controller installs into the wall offering a low profile way to manage your system. Control of what's playing, where it's playing and more is at the touch of a button.

Home Automation Integration

-Using RS-232, music can be wirelessly accessed and controlled through a whole home automation system.

IR Control

-Music can be controlled through a third-party remote control.

Add Zones Capability

-A second Simplese® system can add up to four additional rooms of music to accommodate more areas of the home, for a full system of eight zones.